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The Orange Classic

The Orange Classic
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is this a girls only event?  Yes, we only accept youth girls teams sanctioned through the USSF and other international youth orgnizations.
2.  Where is the event held?  Our tournament is held in Plantation, FL at facilities hosted by the individual soccer clubs.  We utilize a total of 13 fields at two different facilities.
3.  Who can apply?  Any team that is currently registered with a USSF affiliate such as USYSA, US Club Soccer, and those teams from foreign countries.
4.  Can you use guest players?  You are allowed up to 6 guest players on your roster and you can not exceed 22 players for U13 to U19, 16 players for U11 to U12, 14 players for U11 to U12, and 12 players for U10.  Note that U10 to U12 teams are only allowed 4 guest players.  We have a guest player pool that you can draw from.  There is very specific rules about guest players and how to register.  Refer to our guest player page for more details.
5.  What is the game format?  U10 to U15 will play a tournament format of three pool games and a semi final/final based on the number of teams in your group.  The U16 to U19 teams play showcase format which is one full game per day.  

6.  When can we travel home?  The last final will be played no later than 3pm on the 30th of December.  

7.  Can a player play for multiple teams at the OC?  Many clubs bring several teams to the event.  Please keep in mind that our rules indicate that a player can only play for one team during the event.

8.  What happens if we are late to registration because of travel delays?  Don’t worry!  You can register the first day of the event at the park your team is playing at.  Keep us posted by calling the office 305-823-4934 if you are going to be late.

9.  What if we have to add player late?  No problem!  As long as you have all the necessary guest player paperwork for that players state, a valid card, and a med release we can add a player at registration as long as you are not exceeding the limit on guest players and roster size.

10.  What about college coaches?  A college coach list is on our web site and is updated regularly by the staff at GOT Soccer which handles the coach registration.  You can communicate with coaches directly from your gotsoccer team and player account.  After the tournament is complete we will post a list of all coach’s that attend.